Implementation of a User-Centric Context-Aware Playground

Sian Lun Lau, Niklas Klein, Andreas Pirali, Immanuel König, Klaus David


Since the introduction of the ubiquitous computing vision by Mark Weiser, we observed quite some research from various R&D projects as well as groups that focused on different aspects in the area of context-awareness. However, there is yet no result which we can easily apply in a real environment. The context-aware service development and deployment process seldom focused on reusability and realistic implementation issues. We believe these issues can be tackled by proposing a complete context-aware system package. In this package both developers and users will be supported. This idea is realised at our department as a context-aware playground. This paper explains the observation on current work and the shortcomings, and proposes how the context-aware playground approach can be a solution.

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