Context-Aware Adaptation in DySCAS

Richard John Anthony, Dejiu Chen, Mariusz Pelc, Magnus Persson, Martin Torngren


DySCAS is a dynamically self-configuring middleware for automotive
control systems. The addition of autonomic, context-aware dynamic configuration
to automotive control systems brings a potential for a wide range of benefits in terms
of robustness, flexibility, upgrading etc. However, the automotive systems represent
a particularly challenging domain for the deployment of autonomics concepts, having
a combination of real-time performance constraints, severe resource limitations,
safety-critical aspects and cost pressures. For these reasons current systems are statically
configured. This paper describes the dynamic run-time configuration aspects
of DySCAS and focuses on the extent to which context-aware adaptation has been
achieved in DySCAS, and the ways in which the various design and implementation
challenges are met.

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