Modelling Clustering of Wireless Sensor Networks with Synchronised Hyperedge Replacement

Mohammad Hammoudeh, Robert Newman, Sarah Mount


This paper proposes Synchronised Hyperedge Replacement (SHR) as a suitable modelling framework for Wireless Sensor Networks (WSNs). SHR facilitates explicit modelling of WSNs applications environmental conditions (that significantly affect applications performance) while providing a sufficiently high level of abstraction for the specification of the underling coordination mechanisms. Because it is an intractable problem to solve in distributed manner, and distribution is important, we propose a new Nutrient-flow-based Distributed Clustering (NDC) algorithm to be used as a working example. The key contribution of this work is to demonstrate that SHR is sufficiently expressive to describe WSNs algorithms and their behaviour at a suitable level of abstraction to allow onward analysis.

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