Simulating Multigraph Transformations Using Simple Graphs

Iovka Boneva, Frank Hermann, Harmen Kastenberg, Arend Rensink


Application of graph transformations for software verification and model transformation is an emergent field of research. In particular, graph transformation approaches provide a natural way of modelling object oriented systems and semantics of object-oriented languages.

There exist a number of tools for graph transformations that are often specialised in a particular kind of graphs and/or graph transformation approaches, depending on the desired application domain. The main drawback of this diversity is the lack of interoperability.

In this paper we show how (typed) multigraph production systems can be translated into (typed) simple-graph production systems. The presented construction enables the use of multigraphs with DPO transformation approach in tools that only support simple graphs with SPO transformation approach, e.g. the GROOVE tool.

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