Integrated Model Checking of Static Structure and Dynamic Behavior using Temporal Description Logics

Franz Weitl, Shin Nakajima


This paper presents a new notation for the formal representation of the static structure and dynamic behavior of software, based on description logics and temporal logics. The static structure as described by UML class diagrams is represented formally by description logics while the dynamic behavior is represented by linear temporal logic and state transition systems. We integrate these descriptions of static and dynamic aspects into a single formalism called LTLDL. LTLDL enables a concise and natural yet precise definition of the behavior of software w.r.t. UML class diagrams and state transition diagrams. We demonstrate our approach on the sake warehouse problem. Further, we describe how properties of finite LTLDL models can be analyzed based on bounded model checking and SMT (satisfiability modulo theory) solving. We implemented a restricted SMT solver for finite sets and relations. This SMT solver helped to reduce the model checking runtime significantly as compared to bounded model checking with existing tools.

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