Reliable Multicast in Heterogeneous Mobile Ad-hoc Networks

Peggy Begerow, Sebastian Schellenberg, Jochen Seitz, Thomas Finke, Juergen Schroeder


In disaster scenarios, communication infrastructure could be damaged or
completely failed. Mobile Ad-hoc Networks (MANETs) can be used to substitute
failed communication devices and thus to enable communication. As group communication
is an important part in disaster scenarios, multicast will be used to address
several nodes. In this paper, we propose our new reliable multicast protocol RMDA
(Reliable Multicast over Delay Tolerant Mobile Ad hoc Networks). We introduce
an efficient group management approach and a new method for reliable multicast
delivery over Delay Tolerant Networks. We show, that our protocol is adaptive to
different kinds of MANETs, e.g. with or without clusterheads, respectively. For
those without, we use our name resolution over adaptive routing approach.

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