The Implementation of the CHA-Q Meta-Model: A Comprehensive, Change-Centric Software Representation

Coen De Roover, Christophe Scholliers, Viviane Jonckers, Javier Pérez, Alessandro Murgia, Serge Demeyer


Although contemporary software development processes have embraced the need for continuous change, most development tools still assume that they act upon a single complete release of the system. The CHA-Q project (Change-centric Quality Assurance) aims to strike a balance between agility and reliability through change-centric quality assurance tools. These tools are to share a first-class representation of changes to software artefacts. In this paper we present the CHA-Q meta-model that defines this representation and highlight important characteristics of its implementation: an object-oriented API, persistency through a graph database, and a strategy for tracking the history of artefacts in a memory-efficient manner.

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