Automatic Proving of Fuzzy Formulae with Fuzzy Logic Programming and SMT

Miquel Bofill, Gines Moreno, Carlos Vazquez, Mateu Villaret


In this paper we deal with propositional fuzzy formulae containing several
propositional symbols linked with connectives defined in a lattice of truth degrees more complex than Bool. We firstly recall an SMT (Satisfiability Modulo Theories) based method for automatically proving theorems in relevant infinitely valued (including Łukasiewicz and G¨odel) logics. Next, instead of focusing on satisfiability (i.e., proving the existence of at least one model) or unsatisfiability, our interest moves to the problem of finding the whole set of models (with a finite domain) for a given fuzzy formula. We propose an alternative method based on fuzzy logic programming where the formula is conceived as a goal whose derivation tree contains on its leaves all the models of the original formula, by exhaustively interpreting each propositional symbol in all the possible forms according the whole set
of values collected on the underlying lattice of truth-degrees.

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